CELCEP-Guangdong Electric Design Institute Launch Event to Kick-off Its CELCEP-funded Grant Projects
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong

We are delighted to announce that the Guangdong Electric Design Institute (GEDI) will kick-off its first two CELCEP-funded grant projects at its launch event in Guangzhou on 24 July.

The grants will fund the following two projects:

Introducing market solutions for South China’s West to East Power Transfer Interconnection. The project will deliver a market-based inter-provincial power trading mechanism between Yunnan and Guangdong and generate replicable experiences for China’s regional power markets.

Accelerating the de-carbonisation of the South China electricity market with effective ancillary services and capacity pricing. The project will propose an evidenced framework design for ancillary services and capacity pricing in the South China power market, with a focus on Guangdong Province.